Outside The Grey Area

According to the LA Times, Trump would win the election if it was held today.



Voters on both sides increasingly see a Trump win as a possibility — and that may get more people to vote – LA Times

Never Trump people tell us that their reason for trashing the GOP nominee is because he can’t beat Hillary, and they are just trying to save the party from defeat. Making them considerably less rational than Michael Mann and James Hansen.

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  1. Frank K. says:

    Trump’s recent thrashing the press for calling a terrorist bombing a “bombing” should increase his lead another 2 or 3 points.

    BTW, this is likely the last election where the traditional mainstream political press will have any impact at all. CNN will be gone (or greatly downsized) in five years (I have removed any links to CNN completely from my phone and browser and have content blockers to prevent them from getting a single hit from me. I encourage others to do the same).

    • Mac says:

      Like you, I dumped CNN months ago. I haven’t watched it or visited CNN’s website for a long time. They’re so disgustingly biased now it’s absolutely horrifying. They’re the official mouthpiece of neoliberal New World Order globalism. They’re not news any more than Pravda was news.

    • Frank K. says:

      I’ve also tried to reduce my Google presence as much as possible, which has meant using other search engines. I don’t have a g-mail account, nor will I ever want one, and I don’t use any “smart” device that sends a single of byte of data to any Google-affiliated company (e.g. the awful NEST devices).

      People complain when companies like Google send millions of dollars to destructive progressive causes, but then we let them do it to us by accepting the “candy” of free browsers, search engines, video streaming services, “smart” devices etc.

  2. gator69 says:

    Never Trump people also tell us that we will be more free by electing Hillary, because after 4 years of another Clinton, voters will yearn for a real conservative. Odd that I seem to recall that same discussion when McCain ran, and then when Romney ran.

    Where is that perfect conservative candidate? We have had 8 years of our current Marxist in Chief, so shouldn’t the conservative bake-off be at its peak now?

    • Gail Combs says:

      Gator, I have seen nothing but progressives dressed in different team colours since FDR.

      This time it was SUPPOSED to be the great choice of Hillary vs Jeb the snoozing Twig.

  3. Andy DC says:

    I can’t believe these Never Trump Establishment Republican cry babies and sore losers would ever vote for Hillary. Maybe they will start to come back to the fold, once when they realize they are going to left out in the cold with no relevance or political future after a big Trump win.

  4. Harry M says:

    I hope the Rosie O’Donnell crowd moving to Canada after the election can get their butts across the border before Canada gets a wall built.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      The most emaciated vegan followers may be able to squeeze under the wall later but she’d better get her own butt moving early. Later on she’ll have to charge the wall and topple it.

    • Me says:

      The next time they say they will move to Canada, Australia, the UK, or New Zealand if Trump wins because of his wall, ask them why not move to Mexico, what’s wrong with moving to Mexico? LOL!

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        I once read an article about some “progressive” idiots actually trying to move to Canada and being rejected. I enjoyed the story even though I would have loved to get rid of the morons.

        The best part was reading about their self-righteous indignation that the Canadians didn’t recognize the couple’s worthiness and “self-evident” right to move to Canada.

  5. Winnipeg Boy says:

    Obama says he will take it as a personal insult if blacks don’t vote for Hillary.What a patronizing racist pig!

  6. TA says:

    The “NeverTrumpers” should be thanful it looks like Trump is pulling ahead. If Trump loses, the NeverTrumpers are going to get a backlash like they won’t believe. If Trump is elected, they will still get a backlash, but maybe not quite as bad. They have made a bad choice in actively opposing Trump and trying to elect a corrupt, totalitarian Hillary Clinton as president.

    It is hard to imagine how they think this is a good idea. They will be hurt by their stupidity, no matter which way things go. And rightfully so, as their stupidity is putting the United States and the U.S. Constitution in great danger from the threat of a Hillary Clinton administration. They are going to throw our entire society into the abyss of totalitarianism because Trump insulted them a few times. Well, some of them needed to be insulted. Trump is right and they are wrong. The People see it. These NeverTrumpers will see it soon.

    • Gail Combs says:

      The NeverTrumpers were always Globalists and wanted to see the end of US sovereignty. They really did not care if it was Jeb Bush, Cruz or Hillary who was elected since they all share the same goal.

      What Trump has done is ripped the polite mask of the festering evil hiding in our midst.

      Dante, rightly reserved the ninth circle for the great traitors of history and that is where many of these people belong.

  7. Margaret Berger says:

    Ditto on not watching CNN for years, gave up NPR when they started going after Israel. Gave up FOX when it became a shadow of itself.
    The never Trumpers are dem lites. They liked the game just as it was, they were never for the voters. They didn’t want change just their piece of the action. It was a good gig while it lasted.

  8. The arguments against Trump are identical to the ones used against Ronald Reagan and they are coming from the same people, namely the media, the academics, the Democrat party, the Republican party, the trade unions and on and on.

    With enemies like that how can Trump fail?

    Let’s hope that president Trump will have more success reforming the GOP than Reagan did. Let’s hope the new GOP will represent the workers rather than the elites. That would be a “Legacy” that could prevent backsliding into another RINO nightmare.

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