Science : World To Be Hillary Free By The Year 2022


Hillary Clinton Favorable Rating – Polls – HuffPost Pollster

the National Crooked Politicians Who Fund Climate Science Data Center here in Boulder, Colorado shows that Hillary’s approval is declining at 8% per year, and Hillary should be popularity-free by the year 2022. This is decades earlier than scientists had previously predicted.

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19 Responses to Science : World To Be Hillary Free By The Year 2022

  1. gator69 says:

    I believe she is officially “support free” once she hits one million supporters.

  2. RAH says:

    If Trump wins I would bet she is immediately “support free” except for her daughter.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      I’m not sure. The daughter is a Clinton and gang loyalty only goes so far. What would be the gain?

      • RAH says:

        She’s gets 6 figures for being on the board of directors of the Clinton Foundation and Moma has a great deal of control of that.

        • Colorado Wellington says:

          True but so did Aishwarya when Dipendra whacked her.

          • RAH says:

            I don’t think that will happen. Hillary’s state of health appears to be in such a state that she will sooner than most think, slide off into oblivion. The little girl has time on her side. Though she will be rich she will never be a political power. The Clintons are not the Kennedys, as much as they aspire to be.

          • Colorado Wellington says:

            True but young Arkansas whippersnappers may not have the patience of esteemed members of the House of Windsor. :)

            Also, back in the day, who would have thought these people …

        • RAH says:

          Well it’s back to work. Worked sick all last week and still not 100%. There is one bad ass bug going around here. I usually skate by with little or no problems with these things but this one really got me. Off to Franklin, GA.

          • TeaPartyGeezer says:

            Be well and be careful.

            ~ A fan

          • Colorado Wellington says:

            Come back safe and sound, RAH. Shake the bug on the road.

          • RAH says:

            Thank you both. Back but still not completely well. But there have been people hospitalized with this thing and some take 3 weeks to get over it.

            I hate driving around Atlanta during high traffic hours! I tried taking back roads to get back to I-75 and junction with it north of Marietta where the traffic generally is much lighter. Didn’t save me any time. Then got caught up in a back up due to a fatal accident on I-75.

            Some guy in a 4-wheeler thought he was Mario Andretti until he caught the right rear of a big truck when he was going about 100 mph. Word on the CB from trucks up on the thing was there were pieces of the car and the guy all over the place. Thus humanities IQ rose a tiny bit last night.

            All lanes were closed so they had all of us getting off at Dalton. Instead of taking the detour everyone else was I took the outer loop and despite driving 10 more miles came out way ahead. Sometimes it pays to ignore the herding instinct and pull out the Atlas and go your own way.

            When I came back into work last week this was on the door of my truck:

            I don’t want it but have no choice. Now nobody will get out of my way! And any time I screw up? Well you know the way people are.

          • Neal S says:

            Sorry RAH, but that link does not resolve to a good image for at least some of us. (Me for sure) Perhaps you can save the image and then choose it on a post.

            In any case, glad that although you may not be 100% yet, you are not being as badly affected as others you had mentioned.

          • Colorado Wellington says:

            Good to hear you are back.

            Unnecessary delays like that are always irritating but doubly so when we are not 100% and just trying to get back. At least the poor wretch didn’t pick you to commit suicide by 18-wheeler.

            BTW, the image you posted is not publicly accessible (it’s behind the AOL login wall).

          • RAH says:

            See if that worked.

            Anyway, it’s a 1 million mile safe driver sticker.

            I don’t want that kind of stuff on the truck I’m driving. It makes you a target for tickets and harassment by A-holes.

            I understand it gives other drivers that don’t have one something to aspire to and it’s probably good propaganda from the company. But I think it will do more harm that good in more than one way. Ticket probability just went up! And I really don’t care who you are or how many miles you have driven, everyone has off days. There are times it takes me three pull ups to get into a door I would normally nail the first time and having that kind of thing on your door just opens you up for maximum snide.

            Two years ago I was nominated for driver of the year for the company. Told them I didn’t want it. Give it to someone that really cares about that stuff. I don’t want anything like that on the door of the truck I’m driving. At this stage in my life save that stuff for others that covet it because if your going to give me anything make it money or something of monetary value. Now THAT I’ll accept.

  3. Analitik says:

    I initially thought this was a projection in reference to her failing health.

  4. Back in the day young Hillary was a Goldwater (AuH2O) Republican and The Don a Democrat. What matters are the party platforms. The Dem platform in 27000 words offers to not bully women and doctors based on mindless superstition, but still offers to jail hippies for pot. God’s Own Prohibitionists want those hippies shot, and go on for 36000 words (that’s right, 25% more) shrieking God, Hell and damnation as though written by Adolf Hitler and edited by the Ayatolla Khomeini. The LP platform takes half an hour to read. All three candidates are actors hired by the parties tha wrote the platforms. The platforms are what change the laws, and laws last a lot longer’n candidates.

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