Street Fishing In Miami

Ninety years ago today was the most expensive natural disaster in US history, when Miami was wiped out by a major hurricane.



This is what Miami Beach looks like today after 90 years of unprecedented sea level rise.


President Obama says global warming now causes minor tidal flooding in Miami.

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10 Responses to Street Fishing In Miami

  1. Rud Istvan says:

    Occaisional minor tidal flooding since Miami Beach is subsiding for two reasons. 1. 2/3 of it was built on fill from Biscayne Bay in the 1920’s that is still compacting, just like the Battery in New York. 2. Drawdown of the underlying Biscayne aquifer for provide Miami drinking water.
    The solution is to install one way drainage check valves. About 400 are needed. They have been too cheap to do so in the hope they can get Fed funding. A tourist tax would solve the funding problem instantly.

    • Latitude says:

      …and the biggest secret
      It was decided at the very beginning that raising the roads for King Tides was too expensive….they were designed to flood in King Tides

  2. Eliza says:

    TH Are you aware your page title has ben changed to deplorable ect?

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