Tranquility Base

Wise men speak of ancient times when NASA could actually put men in space, rather than spending all their resources tampering with climate data.  Apollo 11 landed on the moon on July 20, 1969.

Screen Shot 2016-09-10 at 10.24.38 PM

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  1. OrganicFool says:

    What? You believe humans landed on the Moon? But that doesn’t fit. You don’t believe in Mann-made climate change. Everyone knows that deniers believe the Earth is flat and America didn’t put humans on the Moon!

    • OrganicFool says:

      No offense to other ‘Americans’, those in South America or North America, the Western Hemisphere, named after Amerigo Vespucci.

      • OrganicFool says:

        or Central America. I loved Costa Rica. And Nicaragua is a beautiful country. Belize is amazing.

        But it was the United States of America that put the first Man/man on the Moon. NASA at one time apparently was about space exploration. Now it’s about the end of the world from carbon dioxide that increased 1 molecule in 10,000.

  2. Eyrie says:

    The United States of America is in fact the only country on the two continents with the word “America” in its name. So it is only fair that only its inhabitants can really call themselves “Americans”.
    Nice picture Tony. Rekindles the sense of wonder and awe and makes me think of Neil Armstrong. First man, not just on the moon but now and forever, first man to set foot on another world.

    • Gail Combs says:

      “…Rekindles the sense of wonder and awe and makes me think of Neil Armstrong….”
      Back when we still had pride in our country and did not have an occupier of the White House going on endless apology tours and calling Americans lazy.

      I remember that time I was just entering college and the whole future looked bright as mankind was looking outward to the stars.

      Now the goal of our leaders is NOT to reach for the stars. The goal is deindustrialization of the West, central planning, and the “redistribution of wealth both within and among nations” THIS is the goal of the president and his top science adviser John Holdren in his own (radical) words — “De-develop” the U.S. & “reduce” its population

      This is a picture of our ‘no CO2 foot print’ future that is planned by our leaders. The Post Sustainable Future.

  3. RAH says:

    And they did it with a total computing capacity in the Lunar module which was far less than what most kids carry around in their hands or pockets today.
    However, that is really not a fair comparison since the hard wired guidance computer on the module was designed and built with capacity and operator interface for the specific tasks it needed to perform to get them down and back up again.

    But one should remember or learn if they were not alive to see it, that back in Mission Control and elsewhere throughout NASA there were a whole lot of guys with pocket protectors and slide rules that made the whole thing possible in the first place.

  4. Steve Case says:

    The bullshit never ends:

    Fasten your seat belt – turbulence is on the rise

    “It is predicted there will be more and more incidents of severe clear-air turbulence, which typically comes out of the blue with no warning, occurring in the near future as climate change takes its effect in the stratosphere,” Dr Paul Williams, a Royal Society research fellow at Reading University, said last week.

    • RAH says:

      The tell tale to any reader with an ounce of critical thinking ability and a HS education was that they used number of incidents instead of a percentage or ratio. The other tell tale is the source.

    • CheshireRed says:

      You’re so right. A constant stream of FUD and hysteria to add substance and cover to global warming theory during those unfortunate phases when temperatures aren’t playing ball.

      Note how a seasoned airline pilot in the BTL comments destroys the entire article (and even more savagely, the motive behind the ‘study’ itself) with the very first comment – and then faces a barrage of insults from true believers who refuse to accept his first-hand accounts because they contradict the article and thus undermine another slice of climate hysteria.

      Truly, we’re dealing with complete w@nkers.

      • Billy Liar says:

        Not forgetting the w@nker, Paul Williams, who contradicted himself 6 months ago saying the apparent increase in turbulence could be due to social media!

        By commenter ‘freescience’ on the Guardian article:

        Is this the same Paul Williams, atmospheric scientist who was reported in March as follows?:

        Instead, Williams argues that turbulence likely seems more frequent right now not because of global warming, but because of social media. People taking videos of turbulence and sharing them around could easily make it seem like turbulence is worse now than ever before, he said.

        And from hard data in the same article:

        The Federal Aviation Administration, meanwhile, keeps a record of every turbulence-related injury that airlines report each year. Alas, in the FAA’s most recent tallies that they sent to HuffPost, their record doesn’t suggest any major changes in turbulence-related injuries within the past few years.

    • RAH says:

      Other variables that would have to be accounted for would be where in the air column the supposed increased turbulence is occurring. And where geographically the increases are occurring. For example more flights over high mountains would result in increased over all incidences of turbulence even when the over all number of flights world wide were factored in.

    • Karl W. Braun says:

      And the bullshit’s not even fresh; this is the third time they trotted out this crap.

      • CheshireRed says:

        The pilot is leaving a host of True Believers in no doubt at all about the incorrect nature of that ‘study’. He’s ripping them a new alright. Expect him to be banned soon.

  5. Ralph says:

    Has anyone ever “looked” at pictures of the moon and wondered why the craters are approximately the same depth and the bottom of the craters are convince instead of concave? Also when Apollo 12 astronauts sent the lunar module crashing back into the moon it rang like a bell for over an hour. When I was a kid I hit rocks with a hammer and never once heard them ring.

  6. There are two kinds of countries… Those that use the metric system, and those that have put men on the moon.

  7. TA says:

    “No offense to other ‘Americans’, those in South America or North America, the Western Hemisphere, named after Amerigo Vespucci.”

    Just call them “U.S. Americans” like the beauty contest contestant did as part of the contest, a couple of years ago. She was ridiculed for it afterwards, but it is actually a precise description. Those who ridiculed her should be ridiculed.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      U.S. Americans, eh?

      Did she call our neighbors Canadian Americans and Mexican Americans or Canada Americans and Mexico Americans?

      Some of us U.S. Americans prefer precision and consistency. We like to ridicule those who don’t … :)

    • cdquarles says:

      No other country located on either continent has “America” in it, so “Americans” is perfectly fine English usage when referring to the people who live here. I’ve been to Canada and I don’t recall any referring to themselves as anything but Canadians and their country as Canada.

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        Canadians, eh?

        That doesn’t surprise me because Canada Americans are no-nothing gringos just like us, U.S. Americans. It’s just that the Canucks don’t know it.

        Central and South Americans bunch us all together as “norteamericanos”. By doing so they treat Mexico Americans like chopped-liver so these Mexico Americans retaliate and also call as norteamericanos, provided they don’t call us estadounidense, that is.

        It’s all quite confusing. I wish TA or the Miss Teen USA beauty pageant contestant would stop by and shed some light on it.

  8. I recall the night it happened. I was delivering pizzas across the street from the SMU campus near Dallas, and there were hardly any cars on the street. The crew installed nuclear isotope generators that were still working last I checked, and some banks of laser reflectors anyone can bounce a beam from and see that they work and haven’t budged.

    • cdquarles says:

      Indeed, they’ve done laser ranging to those mirrors to measure the relative change in our double-planet’s orbit about the mutual barycenter.

      I recall it too, one of the few nights the TV was on and there was something to see other than network news or baseball.

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