BC Green Party Leader Predicts Sixteen Feet Of Sea Level Rise

Andrew Weaver, the head of the British Columbia Green Party and lead IPCC author, predicts sixteen feet of sea level rise.

22 Mar 2009, Page 18 – The Times at Newspapers.com

There has been no change in sea level at British Columbia over the past century. Sea level there is currently near a record low. It will require ~∞ years to produce five meters of sea level rise at British Columbia..

Global Sea Level Trends – Mean Sea Level Trend

Globally, according to NOAA, sea level is rising less than two millimeters per year. It will require more than 2,500 years to achieve five meters of sea level rise.

the absolute global sea level rise is believed to be 1.7-1.8 millimeters/year

Sea Level Trends – Global Regional Trends

Weaver bases his claim of five meters of sea level rise on “collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet” due to “carbon emissions” – but scientists have known for 40 years that the behavior of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet has nothing to do with climate.


09 Jan 1977, Page 1 – Chicago Tribune at Newspapers.com

The Ross Ice Shelf in West Antarctica has been retreating for centuries, and had retreated 30 miles by 1930. The retreat has nothing to do with CO2.


21 Jul 1932 – A Warmer World

Satellites show no trend in Antarctic temperatures over the past 40 years.

RSS / MSU and AMSU Data / Time Series Trend Browser

NASA’s head of climate analysis reported in 2004 that Antarctica was cooling rapidly.

during recent decades, surface temperatures decreased significantly over most of Antarctica.

Pubs.GISS: Abstract of Shindell and Schmidt 2004

Two years ago, NASA reported that Antarctica is gaining ice, and has been for the past 10,000 years.

NASA Study: Mass Gains of Antarctic Ice Sheet Greater than Losses | NASA

Tide gauges show no indication that sea level rise is accelerating, and there is no indication that CO2 emissions have any impact on sea level. Sea level rise rates track sunspot cycles, not CO2.

Blame For Florida Sea Level | The Deplorable Climate Science Blog

Human Influence On Atlantic City, NJ Sea Level | The Deplorable Climate Science Blog

Evaluating Man’s Impact On Manhattan Sea Level | The Deplorable Climate Science Blog

Andrew Weaver’s claim of five meters of sea level rise due to CO2 emissions is absurd, and far outside the range of IPCC estimates, of which he is a lead author.

For high emissions IPCC now predicts a global rise by 52-98 cm by the year 2100

Sea level in the 5th IPCC report « RealClimate

The 1990 IPCC Report said there was no convincing evidence sea level rise accelerated during the 20th century.

9.3.3 Accelerations in Sea Level Rise

Is there evidence of any “accelerations” (or departures from long-term linear trends) in the rate of sea level rise? From examinations of both composite regional and global curves and individual tide gauge records, there is no convincing evidence of an acceleration in global sea level rise during the twentieth century. For longer periods, however, there is weak evidence for an acceleration over the last 2-3 centuries


Nothing about Weaver’s sea level claim appears credible. Andrew Weaver is suing Canadian climate expert for Tim Ball for defamation, and I am an expert witness for the defense. Weaver’s lawyers chose not to cross examine me.

I wonder why not?

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11 Responses to BC Green Party Leader Predicts Sixteen Feet Of Sea Level Rise

  1. kyle_fouro says:

    Any updates on either of his lawsuits?

  2. Cam says:

    He was probably watching a video similar to this one and got his panties in a twist: Ice Apocalypse – MULTIPLE METERS SEA LEVEL RISE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pp5kK0Td-Vc

  3. Ulric Lyons says:

    There are distinct phase reversals between the sunspot cycles and the Key West sea level series. As has been noted between UK temperatures and sunspot cycles:
    and between the AMO and sunspot cycles:

    • R. Shearer says:

      Yes, what is that about?

    • R. Shearer says:

      Thanks for the ulric link which addresses observations, but not underlying mechanisms.

      • Ulric Lyons says:

        My article in the second link addresses the mechanisms. The overall geometry of the solar wind strength through the sunspot cycles literally inverts between the cold and warm AMO phases. During the cold AMO phase, the solar wind is weaker around the sunspot cycle maxima, and stronger between, and roughly the inverse of that through the warm AMO phase since the mid 1990’s. Though with a tendency for the maximum SW speed/temperature to be 2-3 years past the sunspot maximum, which is apparent around 1992/93 and 2003, but with 2003 there was a sharp drop in pressure/density. The last two major lows in the solar wind were around a year or so past sunspot cycle minima, in 1997-98, and 2009-10 (think El Nino), while in the earlier cycles in was around the sunspot cycle maxima of 1969 and 1980:

  4. Andy DC says:

    If there is serious melting in Antarctica, it will have absolutely nothing to do with with global warming or climate change. It will have everything to do with magma pushing up from below. The last time I heard, magma pushing up from below has nothing to do with SUV’s, pickup trucks, transgender bathrooms, or Donald Trump!

  5. RW says:

    Keep us posted on the trial, especially your testimony if you haven’t provided it already. Weaver is a total loon. Party leaders suing people for disagreeing with their ideology is the latest insanity in Canada.

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