Don’t Be A Conspiracy Theorist!

If you assume Obama was on our side, nothing he did made any sense.

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4 Responses to Don’t Be A Conspiracy Theorist!

  1. Kris Johanson says:

    Around 2009 we basically switched sides. A real tragedy.

  2. Texas sharp-shooter says:

    The mullahs can pay their thugs with dollars that came out of our pockets. But what I don’t get is why Barry was so partial to Shia when he comes from a Sunni background himself. Odd, unless his motivation is to screw the US despite all other considerations.

    But the real sadness is trying to decide who was worse: was it Obama or Bush. Obama or McClain. Obama or Mittins. The one thing you can thank Obama for was that’s how we got Trump. Bush, McCain and Mittins did all they could to keep Trump from happening. Barry accomplished Trump just by being himself.

    God, I hate myself for voting for that ass-hat. The sadness is: which ass-hat am I referring to in the aforementioned cavalcade of ass-hats?

    • feathers says:

      “The mullahs can pay their thugs with dollars that came out of our pockets.”

      Exactly, $400 million dollars stuffed in duffle bags.

      After 911, Bush accelerated muslim immigration as if he was trying to prove a point that we were not at war with Islam. We should have taken an approached used by Japan and the Visegrád Group. 15 wasted years of doing the completely wrong thing to keep us safe; however, its never to late to do the right thing and just deal with the consequences.

  3. RAH says:

    Well, let us hope that these new protests lead to something good in the long run for the people of Iran and the rest of the world. No matter what though we can count on the establishment media to fight for the mullahs. Kind of leaves the “Never Trump” gang that claims to be Conservative, like the butt heads at National Review, in a lurch though. Who are they going to support? Trump and the Iranian people or the Mullahs?

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