Seventh Coolest Start To A Year In The US In 110 Years


Since the first of the year, only 15% of days in the US have been above 65F. This is the coolest start to a year in a quarter century, and seventh coolest in 110 years.  The warmest year was 1910, when 30% of days were above 65F through April 15.

NWS Marquette on Twitter

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8 Responses to Seventh Coolest Start To A Year In The US In 110 Years

  1. billtoo says:

    how many weathers equal a climate?

  2. Bob Hoye says:

    Good one, which reminds of measuring feminine beauty.
    We know that Helen of Troy was so beautiful that she had the “The face that launched a thousand ships.”
    From which we get the millihelen.
    Beauty sufficient to launch one ship.

  3. griff says:

    And locally in Alaska?

  4. feathers says:

    Tony – Twitter blocked your chart with a statement “This media may include sensitive material” – I thought it was going to take me to a porn site or show an ISIS beheading. But instead, it was a temperature plot…scary!

  5. rah says:

    Once again it the planting season in the corn belt will be late. Lots of rain and low soil temperatures are holding them up.

  6. Traveler says:

    It’s still cold in the Arctic too. Here is an interesting graph of temp history from UC Irvine:

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