Global Warming Must Have Ended

Last year

California’s critical kelp forests are disappearing in a warming world. Can they be saved?

This year

4:04 PM · Nov 3, 2021

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3 Responses to Global Warming Must Have Ended

  1. Conrad Ziefle says:

    I used to scuba on the Northern California Coast. The decline in kelp has been attributed to sea urchins, whose population increased rapidly over the last couple of decades. I doubt that the temperature change in the coastal ocean has changed that much to cause this. Our ocean is quite active and cold. I bet the cause had more to do with a predator imbalance.

    • Matt Kiro says:

      I believe sea urchin populations are controlled by Sea otters. So the otter population has greatly expanded, I expect, and I am certain another predator eats them, probably sharks.
      This same issue happens off Washington and Oregon coasts.

  2. Ron says:

    People/scientists changing data to support their position. truth be damned.

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