Even More Heavy Rain Fraud From The White House

The 1868 flood in Ellicott City was much larger than this weekend’s flood. It washed houses away.


Historic Ellicott City, MD – Floods – Saturday, August 8, 1868

The latest Ellicott City scam is from the White House, claiming that heavy precipitation events have increased greatly since 1958.

The ‘Other’ Human Influences On The Maryland Floods You May Overlook – Forbes

This is absolutely true.

But why did they pick 1958 for the start date instead of 1868? Because it was the lowest year in the climate record. Had they started in the 19th century, there would be no change in the frequency of heavy precipitation events. They cherry picked a start date with the explicit intent of deceiving the public as to its meaning.


This is the Ellicott City Assembly of God, where I attended church when I lived in Columbia, MD.

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8 Responses to Even More Heavy Rain Fraud From The White House

  1. RickS says:

    Question: ?

    Can someone please bring that 71% in the Northeast out here to the Desert Southwest, preferably Southern California, cuz “We” need it !

    You see, El Nino died out in the Summer of 1998 and since then that damn “La Nina” has dominated our waters (Ocean) and rainfall amounts have plummeted ever since !!!

    The just about finished up El Nino when’t North which has not happened in modern times, and took quite possibly the last remnants of warm Pacific sea water with it, which will now cool, because “nothing” tells the California Current what to do (Except from Above ⬆) and if so, we’re stuck with La Nina cycles for decades to come !!!

    And that is “not” a good thing !

  2. Tim A says:

    Looks like a great church Tony….(I think I see Mrs. Winton….lol)

  3. AndyG55 says:

    As usual, once you check the REAL history, instead of the CHOSEN starting point..

    …. there is absolutely nothing untoward happening to the climate.

  4. Colorado Wellington says:

    They told us Barack Obama was the smartest man in the world and right they were.

    He found the lowest number in no time, the crafty devil!

  5. Dr. A says:

    Interesting commentary. I’m not familiar with the area in question, but this looks like the river level was high enough to call “record level”.

    • tonyheller says:

      The 1896 21.5 foot marker was “height of the river above the normal level” – which would have been about 27.5 feet deep. So not even close.

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