Boycott The NFL

Unlike the NFL, US women’s soccer has some balls.


US Soccer: Players expected to stand during national anthem | Sports – KCRA Home

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7 Responses to Boycott The NFL

  1. Gerald Machnee says:

    So when are they going to send her home?

  2. gator69 says:

    I already have, a long time ago.

  3. dave1billion says:

    Can you imagine the controversy if she knelt during the opposing team’s national anthem?

    Players on a national team have an obligation that far exceeds those of players of the various other levels of sporting events. She should have stood.

    I find it particularly distasteful that she chose to make herself the center of attention at Heather O’Reilly’s farewell game. Ms. O’Reilly signed an autograph for my 9 year old daughter at an exhibition game last year and told her that she was playing for girls like her and to keep on playing soccer. She was really a sweet person and a class act.

    I’m also getting tired of people saying that the people who choose to kneel or protest are “brave” or “heroic”. While I respect their right to protest, I don’t think it’s particularly heroic.

  4. Colorado Wellington says:

    She could but she won’t. He can’t but he will.

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