Haircut Day!

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22 Responses to Haircut Day!

  1. Gail Combs says:

    Poor babies, how will they keep warm this winter?

    BTW do you want to help us shear sheep next spring? {:>D

    • tonyheller says:

      Their hair grows about a quarter inch a week. Having said that, Boulder had 19 inches of snow on this date in 1971 – during the non-existent ice age scare..

  2. Larry Geiger says:

    We had one of those. Her name was “Happy” puppy. She babysat our children and the other children that my wife watched out in the yard. She protected them, followed them and stood by them. The children sometimes pulled her ears and tail and even tackled her and she took it all faithfully. Never growled, barked or complained about the children. Now strangers, that’s another story. My two sons loved her. We loved that girl. The one on the left looks just like her. Thanks for the memory.

    • tonyheller says:

      Poodle/Maltese mix.

      • Gail Combs says:

        I would really like to have a full size poodle but Hubby says no more cats or dogs, we are too old so I have my goats and sheep.

        (Our cats are now 16. I am not sure Ishtar will make it through the winter.)

        • Steve Fraser says:

          ‘House Goat’ has a nice ring to it.

          • Gail Combs says:

            Ayn (as in Ayn Rand) was not much taller than our cats and trained to a litter box.

            Unfortunately I can not have pygmies and full size goats so we have a few lambs and kids in the house during the spring as needed.

            Several of my goats will come when called and recognize their name.

        • Dan Kurt says:

          re: “…we are too old [to have a cat or dog]. GC

          What is too old?

          Dan Kurt

  3. RAH says:

    Somehow that doesn’t appear to be looks of thankfulness on their shaved faces. Our cocker hates to go to the groomer but always lets us know she feels good when we bring her back.

  4. AndyG55 says:

    Ya didn’t do their tails :-)

  5. Tim A says:

    Love the dogs and the new blog….

  6. Stephen Richards says:

    I hope its a warm winter. They cant wear a hat like me to cover their hair loss :)

    • RAH says:

      If their hair grows anywhere close to the rate my cockers does they should be fine when winter really gets wound up. There is a trade off with pooches with hair like that. That long hair can accumulate snowballs which tangle the hair and make a real mess. It’s a constant battle to keep them groomed when they have really long hair when the snow accumulates. That is why we use a lambs cut on our cocker which eliminates the traditional skirt and also keep her ears cut shorter. She seems to do fine and besides she, like those two I’m sure, are inside dogs, which can limit their outside activities to doing their business during coldest times. Usually when it’s really cold outside we have a fire going in the fireplace and our cocker comes in a lays right on the hearth rug and warms up and gets her final drying. Sometimes she lays there so long and her coat gets so hot I wonder why she doesn’t burst into flames!

  7. Robertv says:

    That’s why I have birds but my son should have a haircut doggystyle.

    • Robertv says:

      I see the grass needs a bit of rain. Must be Global Warming.

      • RAH says:

        Except for two weeks in July when it dried out a little my acre here in central Indiana has required mowing every 4-5 days. As far as the rate of grass growth and lushness goes it has been spring like conditions all and continues to be so. My neighbor mowed my grass for me Wed. and I will be mowing it again today (Sunday) if the weather allows since it is still very wet out there with a ground fog. The guy with the hay field behind us did his THIRD cutting over two weeks ago and looks like he’ll easily get a fourth. Normally three cuttings in a season is considered excellent around here. Though the soybeans to the north and south of us have started to brown and dry as is normal for this time of year, in my area many fields are still green and growing and that is very unusual.
        According to the latest USDA crop report Indiana is on track for setting new records in yield and crop condition for corn and soybeans.

        The tomato harvest has began as I see lots of trucks bringing the harvest in to the Red Gold packing plants. I just can’t remember a wetter summer here.

  8. TA says:

    Love your dogs. Dogs are good people! One of God’s great gifts to humanity.

  9. Tim A says:

    So your admitting global warming is a severe problem and are preparing your dogs for the worst?

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