Kentucky Summers Getting Much Shorter

In the late 19th century, Kentucky had about 120 days between their first and last 95 degree day. Now the length of their hot weather has been reduced to about 60 days.


President Obama says Kentucky will see significant increases in the number of 95 degree days.

Major consequences include significant increases in the number of hot days (95°F or above)



In fact, the number of 95 degree days in Kentucky has plummeted to close to zero over the past century.


The White House Climate assessment, and essentially government climate science, are part and drivers of the largest fraud in history.

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6 Responses to Kentucky Summers Getting Much Shorter

  1. Steve Case says:

    Kentucky is another one of those states where Climate at a Glance shows us that Maximum temperatures have a negative trend all the way back to the 19th century.

  2. Andy DC says:

    A great job of juxtaposing the Truth and the Fraud!

  3. RAH says:

    Just a reminder for those that live in White Tail country. I noticed the farmers here are starting to harvest the soybeans. The rut in Indiana is in it’s beginning stages as I write this and soon and when the farmers start to harvest the corn in the next couple weeks or so the deer will really start start moving. Probability of deer strikes will steadily increase from now through the rut. Of course night time is the worst. So have that in mind as you drive to where ever your going.

    • Gail Combs says:

      My bucks are already in Rut and have been for about a week. I can smell them when I open the door.

      Goats and deer go into rut at about the same time and I am already seeing a lot of dead deer along side the road.

      • RAH says:

        They drove me hard this week. A lot of night driving.
        Monday-Tuesday: Anderson, IN to Franklin, GA to Hebron, KY and back to Anderson.
        Wednesday: Anderson, IN to O’Hara airport in Chicago and back to Anderson.
        Thursday: Anderson, IN to Meijer Distribution Center in Lansing, MI and back.
        Friday: Anderson, IN to the Central Grocery warehouse in Joliet, IL then to W. 61st Street in Chicago to pick up 41,000 lb + of Chinese food and bring it back to Anderson.

        Every trip to the large distribution centers or warehouses involves several hours (usually 4 to 8 hours) of waiting to get unloaded. This why they have trouble getting those loads covered by drivers that get paid by the mile. And of course nobody really wants to be running around Chicago all day either. That last run to Joliet and Chicago took me 15 hours and 35 minutes to complete and would have been only 450 pay miles. You can’t blame drivers for not wanting to do it.

        But the deal is that when you pull loads for Nestle, the more undesirable loads a trucking company does for them the more desirable loads they get to compensate.

        Schedules like mine this week can’t be sustained week after week because you just can’t keep going with only 10 hours off between loads. By the time you take care of whatever personal business you have to deal with and basic maintenance of body and mine your only getting maybe 6 hours of sleep a night.

        This has been a rather miserable summer for this driver for various reasons but primarily because of the heavy work schedule.

  4. JeffK says:

    HOW DEMOCRATS THINK — Depending on the Audience —Please Share
    edited 9/23/16:

    Dems fear “global warming”, a theoretical threat based on imaginary evidence / Dems ridicule concern for terrorism, violent crime, failing schools and other actual threats

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    Dems say one bad cop represents all cops / Dems say one (innocent) black suspect…

    Dems hate the days of vigilante justice, “wild west” / Dems worship anti-police thugs and rap stars, imply justice should be subject to quotas, mob rule now

    Dems immediately blame “hate crime” when race, gender, social justice-like incidents first occur / Dems immediately say “too early to tell, no terror indications” when Islamist terror attacks just happened

    Dems imply more “privilege” = more guilt / Dems imply less income = less guilt

    Dems say one Muslim sect doesn’t represent all Muslims / Dems say one Christian church represents all Christians

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    Dems hate soaring college tuitions / Dems call for more student subsidies that drove up college costs before

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    Dems hate gentrification, lack of affordable housing / Dems love NIMBY fears, urban blight and reliable voting blocs

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    Dems love healthy foods on school menus / Dems hate “fat-shaming” and normalize unhealthy, obese children, voters

    Dems in Hollywood love merit-based awards / Dems in H’wood hate awards when too white

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    Dems praise communist victims of McCarthyism / Dems persecute real scientist-skeptics of “climate change” and Hillary health doubters

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    Dems put everything into feelings, speeches, activism and laws / Dems don’t follow up later with data undermining their activist pattern (self-conflict)

    Dems obsess over an Election Day once every two years / Dems forget there’s 728 other days they should worry about, too.

    © by Capturimage

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