NASA Sea Level Fraud Update

During the 1980’s, NASA reported that Greenland and Antarctica were gaining ice, and that sea level had barely risen since the 1950’s.


25 Dec 1989, Page 84 – St. Louis Post-Dispatch at

NASA’s top climate alarmist James Hansen reported almost no sea level rise for 30 years.



Telling the truth doesn’t bring money in, so NASA has since altered their data to show rapid sea level rise after 1960.


Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet: Sea Level

The overlay below shows how NASA has massively tampered with post 1940 sea level data.


James Hansen has since learned that he can get lots of attention and money from progressives by lying about sea level.


James Hansen’s Climate Bombshell: Dangerous Sea Level Rise Will Occur in Decades, Not Centuries | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

The only dangerous sea level rise that is occurring is the dangerous manipulation of climate data by people like James Hansen. NASA is attempting to influence public policy by committing scientific fraud, and need to be held to account by President Trump.

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8 Responses to NASA Sea Level Fraud Update

  1. Steve Case says:

    This one done a few years ago compares the standard plot of sea level as it was
    in 2004 and as it appeared ten years later in 2014.

    • Steve Case says:

      On this chart the calculated rate of sea level rise is plotted out as a function of time. For example, CU’s Release 2004_rel1.2 shows that in 2002 the rate was about 2.5 mm/yr and CU’s release 2006_rel3 shows the rate from 2002 as about 3.1 mm/yr. Each point is calculated from 1992 to the date shown. Plots over a short span show a great deal of noise so 2000 was chosen as a starting point. A yearly selection of releases is depicted. No data from 2009 can be found and releases after 2011 show very little correction. Ideally each successive release of data should fall on top of one another, but such is not the case. Over the years the rate has been corrected to increase by nearly a full millimeter per year. It’s a matter of opinion as to why these corrections have been made, but that they have been made is a matter of fact.

    • Neal S says:

      These adjustments to a common past between these reports makes no sense.

      Gee, can I go and change my Grade Point Average values the way these people change sea level rise rates? Maybe I can go and tell the IRS that I actually had more deductions and higher charitable contributions in years past and I deserve a tax refund as a result? Of course the IRS could just then go and claim they actually sent me a check back then so we’re even … sort of.

      The fact that they are making such adjustments to a common past, is showing that they are either incompetent (now or then or both) and/or committing fraud.

  2. Andy DC says:

    A friend of mine visiting Tampa reported that he saw large puddles along the side of the roadway. Apparently from a localized thunderstorm. A one in a thousand year rainfall! Proof positive that we are doomed!

    • Rud Istvan says:

      Not quite. You have to correct the tide guage for vertical land motion. Use your reference to go to Juneau Alaska to see a vibid illustration of the problem.
      This can be done using differential GPS. Globally, there are about 70 tide guages with a diff GPS within 10 km. Only about 40 of those are long record stations.
      They are mostly in the NH, so there is some geographical bias. Those corrected gauges show about 2.2mm/year, and more importantly no SLR acceleration.

  3. Robertv says:

    And it looks like the most rise we had before 1970. Must be because it was a lot colder in those days.

  4. RAH says:

    Obama: Oceans to Swallow 1 in 5 Homes in Kerry’s Boston, a Quarter in My Hawaii

    Now THAT is deplorable.

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