NOAA’s Congo Fraud

NOAA says the Congo had its hottest August ever last month.


NOAA August

The Congo is more than three times as large as Texas, and NOAA has no thermometers in the interior or eastern Congo. They do have three thermometers near Congo’s western border.


Data.GISS: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis: Station Data

All three of these thermometers have been massively tampered with to erase their warm 1940’s and 1950s.


Data.GISS: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis


Data.GISS: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis


Data.GISS: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis

NOAA only has one other thermometer within 500km with temperature records extending back to the 1940’s


Data.GISS: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis

NOAA has erased the warm 1940’s there to0.


Data.GISS: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis

Satellites cover the entire Congo, and RSS TLT shows August was fifth warmest since 1978, behind 1987, 2002, 2001 and 2015.  August 2016 was 0.34C cooler than August 1987 at (latitude, longitude) = (-1.25, 201.25)

So how did NOAA determine that August was hottest ever in the Congo? They have zero data to back that claim up, and their homogenization algorithm has massively cooled the past of every single station in the region with records going back to the 1940’s.

This isn’t climate, this is the biggest fraud in the history of science.

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11 Responses to NOAA’s Congo Fraud

  1. marty says:

    Unbelievable Tony, truly astounding fraud.

    There is absolutely no justification for those deletions of original data at all.

  2. marty says:

    Are you getting heavy traffic, have tough time getting this page to load

  3. marty says:

    I’d RT but twitter locked me out, again.. I must have upset a progressive somehow

  4. De Paus says:

    Bangui is the capital of the Central African Republic, famous for the “emperor” Bokassa, who was the dictator of this country. The town is situated close to the border with Congo Kinshasa, the former Zaire. The weather station of Bangui is located on the airport, as so many of the weather stations in these parts of the world. These stations give accurate information for the planes, but their temperature records are not suitable for climate analysis. Peak temperatures are influenced by plane exhaust gases and tarmac.

  5. Brad says:

    Homogenization and extrapolation is science. Science I tell you.

  6. gator69 says:

    So now the US government is using Africa to enslave all of us.

  7. Latitude says:

    They could call Boko Haram and fill in that gray dot……

  8. Tim A says:

    Careful….Jim Hunt can’t follow the obvious….the warming planet has overheated his brain….

  9. RAH says:

    A blast from the past –
    Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner:

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