Shakespeare, NSIDC And Arctic Sea Ice


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It held up remarkably well, considering the large El Nino earlier in the year and the later strong storms.

Pretty sure there will not be an El Nino next year.

Except there is not much of a relationship between El Niño and Arctic sea ice. So reagrding Arctic sea ice, you can’t blame anything this year, nor predict anything next year based on ENSO.

So are saying that the El Nino didn’t push a whole heap of warmer air over the Arctic this year?

You should maybe go and look at some temperature charts

Yep Jimbo, there was an El Nino.

Well done. You finally woke up to the fact.

Your chart shows that El Ninos do have an influence on NCEP Reanalysis temps for up there.

So, purely NATURAL, and nothing to do with anthropogenic.

We agree again. Isn’t it wonderful :-)

Yep, most of the time we have near ZERO TREND.. as I showed above.

NATURAL solar/wind driven El Ninos have given step like increases in 1998 and 1979. we will see where the current El Nino settles down.

Given that El Ninos have absolutely nothing to do with CO2, there is absolutely no sign of any anthropogenic warming in the Arctic.

Glad you agree.

Now can you drop your moronic Arctic sea ice scare stupidity. !!

Oh Boy, that was a close one. Jim Hansen had me worried that the red line might go right to the bottom of the page! Now that that worry is over I can get back to worrying about those big hurricanes that are going to come more often, like Jim and Al said, and destroy all those beach houses. Think about that one – how could mankind survive the loss of all that beach front property? What would we do?!?

As Cut-my-own-throat-Dibbler would say, the faster-than-ever-rising sea level provides opportunities to sell new beach front property.

This is what Dibbler would do. It would probably also be what Al Gore would do. He’s after the money.

I don’t quite like to call AGW a scam, but DCC (dangerous climate change) sounds like one. Lots of dire claims with little meat on them. Makes me tired. Several meters of modelled future Antarctic sea level rise in your.

wert said at 5:59 am
I don’t quite like to call AGW a scam,

Group Think is too mild, Hoax is too whimsical and Scam may be a little harsh, but it’s the closest. Lots of people want the gravy train to keep on rolling along.

So what !

Meaningless over such a piddlingly small time.

How about we consider the longer time..

Lots of info shows that for large periods before the neoglaciation down to the LIA, sea ice was “seasonal”

ie often zero in summer

The levels at the moment are still very high in comparison to all but the coldest period in the last 10,000 year

You KNOW that, but will REFUSE TO ADMIT THE TRUTH, as always.

Andy, the dude is bizzare, but if the CAGW proponents think Guam will tip over, then the likely assume their opponents think it will not because of Kerry’s weird assumptions. (Hey J.K., major ridicule backfire, back to ” rules for radicals 101 for you)

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