Shakespeare, NSIDC And Arctic Sea Ice


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  1. AndyG55 says:

    It held up remarkably well, considering the large El Nino earlier in the year and the later strong storms.

    Pretty sure there will not be an El Nino next year.

  2. Bob Grise says:

    Oh Boy, that was a close one. Jim Hansen had me worried that the red line might go right to the bottom of the page! Now that that worry is over I can get back to worrying about those big hurricanes that are going to come more often, like Jim and Al said, and destroy all those beach houses. Think about that one – how could mankind survive the loss of all that beach front property? What would we do?!?

    • wert says:

      As Cut-my-own-throat-Dibbler would say, the faster-than-ever-rising sea level provides opportunities to sell new beach front property.

      This is what Dibbler would do. It would probably also be what Al Gore would do. He’s after the money.

      I don’t quite like to call AGW a scam, but DCC (dangerous climate change) sounds like one. Lots of dire claims with little meat on them. Makes me tired. Several meters of modelled future Antarctic sea level rise in your.

  3. David A says:

    Andy, the dude is bizzare, but if the CAGW proponents think Guam will tip over, then the likely assume their opponents think it will not because of Kerry’s weird assumptions. (Hey J.K., major ridicule backfire, back to ” rules for radicals 101 for you)

  4. Pathway says:

    Yes, it is “much ado about nothing”.

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