Spectacular NOAA Fraud In Australia

NOAA shows the circled area of South Australia as “warmer than average” red, and shows none of Australia as cooler than average.


Global Analysis – August 2016 | State of the Climate | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)

The actual thermometers NOAA has there show the region as “below average” blue, as well as several other regions in Australia.


201608.gif (990×765)


RSS TLT satellite data shows the region as having their seventh coldest August since 1979.

The warm NOAA temperatures in Australia are completely fraudulent, just like the NOAA temperatures in Africa. There is no science behind what they are doing, It is all political.

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19 Responses to Spectacular NOAA Fraud In Australia

  1. Bob Grise says:

    The governments temp readings are as accurate as their unemployment numbers. I hope Trump wins and cleans out this rats nest called Washington DC. I hope, but I’m afraid it is so out of control, 4 years or even 8 won’t be enough. And watch the rinos fight him every bit of the way….

    • To bad the DC beltway is not a geological fault line! Just a wee bit of unauthorized ‘fracking’, the whole thing would float off! Hati can have it, along with ‘DA Witch’! If they are smart, they will get Cuba to sink the damn thing.

  2. Bob Grise says:

    We don’t need a government climate office. We have plenty of private sector companies doing it. I believe I read that the new Prime Minister in England immediately cut out the climate office. Let’s get rid of the energy dept too as they produce no energy and Education too. Plenty of good learning institutions before we had a federal ed. dept. So much to cut! Recall when Prime minister Cameron flew to the U.S, he flew commercial with about 6 people in his entourage. Thats why England doesn’t have trillion dollar deficits.

  3. Jack Striker says:

    I would LOVE to hear NOAA’s explanation for how adding sea-surface temperature data to a map CHANGES their recorded land temperature. And also how it magically creates land temperature where they didn’t record any.

    Something tells me their website doesn’t have an explanation.

  4. OrganicFool says:

    The debate on is Monday for USA

  5. AndyG55 says:

    UAH for whole of Australia for last 20 years.

    UAH has August 2016 in 16th place out of 38 for Augusts.

    The FRAUD continues UN-abated.

  6. Zedekiah Smyth says:

    I live in the capital city of South Australia and it has been cool this month- not exceptionally cold but certainly nothing indicating the hottest year EVER. It was only 61.8 degrees today and I have heating turned on tonight. The maximums for the next week range from 59-71 degrees Fahrenheit. (For the record Adelaide’s hottest September day was in 1987 when it got to 93.7 degrees.)

    • Gail Combs says:

      All of us are seeing nice mild weather and not the HOTTEST EVAH!

      does a nice job of listing the cold events happening around the world that the MSM sweeps under the rug.

      What I really love was when the new Pope started spouting off about Global Warming this happened in the winter of 2015.

      Record snow in Abruzzo, Italy (elevation 36 ft) for about 24 consecutive hours it snowed persistently recording a total accumulation of 1 meter and a half.
      World Record Snowfall in Capracotta, Italy Previous record Silver Lake, Colorado, USA with 75.8 inches
      Greek islands in the Mediterranean buried under 6½ ft (2 m) of snow
      Heavy snowfall causes road closures in Mexico
      A very unusual snowing forced the closure of the Mexico City – Puebla City 150-D highway
      Norway – Forced to remove excessive snow from ski slopes – “During the last two days we’ve got more snow than we had in the last two years together,” says Vegar Sårheim. “I had never believed we would experience this.”
      Canberra’s coldest winter in 15 years
      Bogota, Colombia, covered in 24 inches of snow

      You would think the guy would figure out he was being sent a really big messaged wouldn’t you??

      Of course he then goes off to pray in a mosque with the islamists who must be LTAO.

      • Gail Combs says:

        I forgot to add Dr. Bill Warner’s video Jihad vs Crusades (Remember Obummer points to the Crusades and accuses Christians of violence.)


        This video is part of Bill Warner’s lecture: “Why We Are Afraid — A 1400 Year Secret – Political Islam: part of a must watch playlist:

        Battle list:

        I think at one time Dr. Bill Warner’s work was used by the US government for training law enforcement types but all that was scrubbed as muslims with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood took high positions in the US government under Muslim simpathizer. Although I may be thinking of Phil Haney
        Exclusive–DHS Whistleblower Philip Haney: P.C. Killed Investigation That Might Have Stopped San Bernardino Attack

        . Hussein means Beloved of God (Now has been changed to “good”, “handsome” or “beautiful” at WIKI and google.)

        And Barack is an African name meaning “blessed.”

        • Gail Combs says:

          Side note:
          I ran across these articles as I was looking for the Warner US government connection. I find them chilling.

          Clinton Releases Plan to Dissolve U.S. Border Within 100 Days

          Loretta Lynch Vows to Prosecute Anti-Muslim Speech, Calls San Bernardino ‘Wonderful Opportunity’ (She has already brought over 1,000 cases against Americans but lets the Orlando Shooter continue to work security…)

          Obama Administration and UN Announce Global Police Force to Fight ‘Extremism’ In U.S

          And no Muslim Terrorism is NOT ‘Extremism’ in US government speak.

          A document was obtained by Judicial Watch as a 133 page FOIA document from the Department of Defense and is entitled AFSS 0910 EQUAL OPPORTUNITY AND TREATMENT INCIDENTS (EOTI) LESSON PLAN that explains what the US government thinks is Extremism. (It is the usual Progressive mind game of changing the meaning of the word like they did Climate Change which now means ONLY change caused by CO2.)

          SEE: http://www.judicialwatch.org/press-room/press-releases/judicial-watch-defense-department-teaching-documents-suggest-mainstream-conservative-views-extremist/

          This is the document that says:

          D. Extremist Ideologies
          1. Introduction
          • As noted, an ideology is a set of political beliefs about the nature of people and society. People who are committed to an ideology seek not only to persuade but to recruit others to their belief. In U.S. history, there are many examples of extremist ideologies and movements. The colonists who sought to free themselves from British rule and the Confederate states who sought to secede from the Northern states are just two examples.

          2. Ideologies
          a. Nationalism – The policy of asserting that the interests of one’s own nation are separate from the interests of other nations or the common interest of all nations. Many nationalist groups take it a step further and believe that their national culture and interests are superior to any other national group.

          b. Supremacy – The belief that one’s race or ethnicity is superior to all others and should dominate society. Supremacy, as with racial supremacies in general, has frequently resulted in anti-Black and anti-Semitic violence.

          c. Separatism – Setting oneself or others apart based on culture, ethnicity, race, or religion.”

          This explains why Robert E Lee’s Battle Flag, a part of our southern history, was so viciously attacked by the media and the US government for no reason. Now they have moved on to attacking the Gadsden flag, a historical American flag, a cartoon character Pepe, and of course the American flag.

          Global Warming has always been political and is just a tool to herd the Sheeple into agreeing to give up their freedom and lifestyles.

          The muslim/La Raza immigrant invasion, race baiting are also part of the planned diversions….


  7. Eternaloptimist says:

    I came through alice springs just over a week or so ago. It was 16 and raining.

  8. Are you using overlays of one vs the other to detect temp (color) differences? If so you could automate the process (guessing you already have)

  9. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    The climate debate needs to be set aside to allow physicists to correct an even more basic error in the logic (sloping baseline across the top of Figure 2) that obscured neutron repulsion and isolated humanity from reality eighty years ago (1936-2016):


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